Hot Tools Black Gold Ribbon Curling Wand Review

Ever thought about a hairstyling tool that would bring the salon to your home? The Hot Tools Black Gold Ribbon Curling Wand promises to do just that. With its advanced styling surface, ergonomic handle, and suitability for all hair types, it’s designed to give you that picture-perfect, long-lasting curl at your convenience. Let’s check out how it lives up to these expectations.

Design and Quality

Starting with the design, the Hot Tools Black Gold Ribbon Curling Wand has a sleek aesthetic. The ergonomic handle ensures that the styling process is comfortable and efficient. And to top it off, the curling wand comes with a foldaway safety stand, making it easy to store when you’re done.

Quality-wise, this curling wand seems pretty impressive. The advanced Black Gold styling surface is touted to leave your hair smooth and shiny, even at high heat settings.

Key Features and Functionality

The Hot Tools Curling Wand offers variable heat settings, going up to a high 455℉. This versatility, combined with the brand’s Pulse Technology, promises professional results irrespective of your hair type.

This curling wand also comes with a 9ft professional swivel cord that provides flexibility during use, and the universal dual voltage feature makes it travel-friendly.

Comparison with Similar Products

Compared to similar curling wands in the market, the Hot Tools Black Gold Ribbon Curling Wand seems to stand out, especially when it comes to its unique Black Gold styling surface. Most alternatives don’t offer such a feature, which may not provide the same level of smoothness and shine to your curls.

Pros and Cons


  1. Suitable for all hair types
  2. Variable heat settings and advanced styling surface for smoother, shinier curls
  3. Ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  4. Travel-friendly with universal dual voltage
  5. Comes with a 9ft professional swivel cord for greater flexibility


  1. The curls might be too small for some users
  2. Some users received the wrong product

User Experiences

Browsing through user reviews, it seems most users are satisfied with the Hot Tools Curling Wand. They commend its fast heat-up time, easy usability, and the long-lasting curls it creates. Some users, particularly those with ethnic hair, have even found that the wand helps their hair maintain a curl better than other irons.

However, a few users pointed out that the wand creates tinier curls than they had anticipated, which might be a drawback if you prefer looser waves. There were also complaints about users receiving the wrong product.

Tips and Tricks

A few users recommend holding the handle in an “upside-down” position while curling to achieve the best results. The curling wand is clipless, so this position seems to be its normal operating position.


1. Does the curling wand have a clip? No, the Hot Tools Black Gold Ribbon Curling Wand is a clipless curling iron.

2. What’s the maximum heat setting? The curling wand can reach up to 455℉.

3. Is this curling wand suitable for all hair types? Yes, this curling wand is suitable for all hair types.


In conclusion, the Hot Tools Black Gold Ribbon Curling Wand is a well-designed tool that offers a professional curling experience at home. It’s suitable for all hair types, and its advanced styling surface and variable heat settings ensure smooth, shiny, and long-lasting curls. Some users might find the curl size smaller than expected, but if you prefer tighter curls, this could be a pro rather than a con.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use, and versatile curling wand, the Hot Tools Black Gold Ribbon Curling Wand is definitely worth considering.