Today we are going to learn a homemade hair coloring secret, using ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS Can be used by both girls & boys For an intense shade and long lasting, color repeat the process in 2-3 weeks It takes 3-4 application for people with black or dark hair, to show up the color. But don’t worry it will definitely show up. The only thing is, you need to be consistent to get long, lasting results, Plus it’s a Superb Conditioner for our hair and also removes dandruff For that. We’ll need Beetroot, juice, Nicely chop one or two beetroots into small pieces blend it with some water and strain out. The juice

We’ll need around half to one cup of this juice. As per the length of your hair, you may vary the quantity of the juice. We are only using this juice to make our hair color pack Into it. Add an EGG Egg is a great source of protein. It also removes frizziness and makes the hair smooth shiny and silky. Now we need to add in the powdered ( dry ) ingredients into it. Moringa Powder Add in 1 tbsp of moringa powder. If you are using, the fresh leaves then take a bunch of these leaves wash and grind it into a smooth paste and add it into the mixture. This add a natural shine to your helps in hair growth and prevents premature hair greying Henna Powder, Its a mixture of 9 other herbs as well. You can also add the fresh leave, ( paste ) instead, ADD 4 TBSP OF HENNA POWDER Stir it well until it forms a lump free, kinda, watery paste. Add in beetroot juice, if required, close the lid and keep it overnight.

So that henna and moringa will soak up the excess water and turn into a thick form. You may also add the egg right before application (. If you don’t want to keep in overnight, ) And the excess beetroot juice can be used as a FINAL HAIR RINSE to lock-in the color to our hair shafts. And so after 8 hrs. it has thickened. Now apply this to your hair by Proper partitioning. After that, wear a shower cap, if required And wait for at-least 3-4 hrs And wash it off with PLAIN WATER, DO N’T USE SHAMPOO And let your hair dry completely and then one more step is left that is hair oiling. This will help the color to pop-up. Even more So leave it in your hair for at least 1-2hrs and wash it off with a mild shampoo.