MILUSH Hair Straightening 3D Ceramic Brush – U.S. Edition – Anti-Scald, Constant Temp 365°F – Auto Off, Safest straightener, Much faster than Flat Irons, Straightens hair in 3-5 minutes. (Green)

* MILUSH is a cutting edge hair straightening 3D ceramic brush that is a great wonder of modern day technology. * MILUSH is several times powerful than that of a Flat Iron and heats up in a minute to the optimal temperature of 365°F (185°C). * MILUSH can straighten your wiry and frizzy hair almost effortlessly in just a few minutes. This advanced innovative brush saves your precious time, energy and expensive trips to hair salons. * No more using hair clips or dividing your hair into subsections – just brush your hair with this lightweight magic wand to give your hands and hair a break. * MILUSH offers excellence in designing this revolutionary brush which is made of superior materials and a unique ceramic surface with a 3D contact area that ensures lower duration of heat exposure to your hair. * MILUSH is a US based company and offers ONE YEAR WARRANTY* !!! * U.S Edition 110/120V~60Hz power supply-No converter or adapter is required! USER INSTRUCTIONS : Life is too short to waste 30 minutes or more to straighten your hair every day. Start your day with MILUSH and get an elegant look in just 3 to 5 minutes. Its premium quality ceramic finish along with the uniquely designed springy plastic insulators on the bristles safeguard your scalp from the hot surface. • Use on dry detangled hair • Make sure your hair penetrates deep into the bristles for maximum exposure to the heated surface. • Brush from the roots to the tips of your hair in a slow pulling motion to allow the heat to be absorbed. For best results, stretch your hair a bit with your other hand. WARNING:: • Not recommended for children • Do not brush on wet hair or use in a wet environment • Avoid direct contact of your body parts with the brush’s surface while the unit is on.

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