How To Curl Your Hair With A Straightener

How to curl your hair with a straightener: start with the iron

Hey everybody: it’s Sara from The Style Blog. Today, I’m going to show you how to curl your hair with a straightener. Guys, my last how to curl your hair with a straightening iron video just surpassed 16 million views. What that video is now ten years old and I figured it’s time to make a new updated version plus I read through all eight thousand comments on that video and I’m going to answer your most frequently asked questions and most common problems at the end of this video. So all you’re gon na need for this tutorial is a straightening iron and a hair clip or hair tie. Optional products are hair spray and a heat protectant. I sprayed my hair with a heat protectant before filming this and I’ll link my favorites below. OK, Very first thing: I’m gon na do is just pull my hair halfway up. The first tip, I would suggest you start with your straightening iron off, so it’s nice and cool this way you can practice the motion as many times as you need without burning your hair.

How to curl your hair using a straightener

Ok, so I normally take my hair in six sections on the bottom and six sections on the top. So I’m just going to take roughly a third of my hair from this side. You can experiment with different sized sections as well. I’m gon na take my straightener here. This is off, so we can practice, I’m just going to clamp my hair here, twist it all the way around so that your hair is now facing down and then just gently pull your hair through the straightener again. Let’s practice that one more time so we’re going to clamp twist it all the way around until our hair is pointing down out of the straightener and then just pull it all the way through and you should have nice curls. So let’s turn it on and get started. Ok, so another super quick tip. So when you’re doing when you’re curling your right side, you’ll want to twist it toward you and then pull down and then the left side, you want to twist it away from you and pull down that way. The curls will kind of fall away from your face.


Curl Your Hair With This Straightener

Instead of turning in toward your face it’ll just kind of frame your face a little bit better, but don’t worry if you can’t get that at first we’ll keep working on it. Okay, my straightener has heated up. Let’s get started all right, so I’m just gon na clamp this next to my roots and then we’re just going to twist and pull like we did when the straightener was off. Ok, so we’re going to clamp twist it until the tail is facing down and then just pull this through. Wow, look at that curl! Ok, let’s move to the next section and we’re just going to do the exact same thing, we’re going to clamp twist and then pull it straight down. Ah nice, pretty curls guys this looks so good. Ok, let’s keep going ok, so you’ll probably notice that we were twisting away from my face on this side, so we’re gon na twist toward my face on this side. Ok, so clamp we’re going to twist toward my face and then just pull it all the way through nice, beautiful curls guys this creates the most perfect curls.

How to curl your hair with a hair straightener

I love it, so that is it for the bottom section. Look how beautiful these curls are they’re, so pretty and voluminous and gorgeous hope. You can see now how we kind of tried to make the curls curl away from our face on this side and this side. If you don’t get that the first time, don’t worry about it, you can work on it the next time. Okay, so now that the bottom is perfectly curled, I’m going to just take a little bit of hairspray and spray that so it stays in place. Ok next step is to take the rest of our hair down. You can actually do this in more sections than just two if you have a lot more hair. Ok, so what we’re going to do for this top section is we’re just going to curl the parts that we haven’t yet curled? Ok, so I’m just gon na take the top portion here. Do the same thing: I’m gon na go toward my roots, I’m going to clamp now twist away from my face since I’m on the right side until the hair is facing down and then just pull it through. Sometimes it might get stuck a little.

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You can just kind of wiggle it to get it all the way down, just don’t hold it in one place for too too long, ahh, beautiful, curls, all right, looking good. Let’s keep going guys. It’s so satisfying each time your curl comes out of the straightener. It just feels so good. You probably notice that sometimes I like to brush my hair through a little bit with my brush. It just kind of keeps it from getting tangled all right, I’m gon na clamp it twist it away, pull it through guys. I try to move a little bit slower on the thicker pieces. I kind of got a lot of hair with this one, so I just want to make sure that all of the hair gets the heat and gets the curl correctly. So pretty and perfect all right and I just kind of try to go through and make sure all the pieces are curled. If I see a straight piece I’ll go ahead and curl it. So this is a thinner piece, so I’m not gon na hold the heat on it.

How to style curly hair with a hair straightener

Quite as long as I did for that thick piece, you can do your hair in thinner or thicker sections, it’s kind of just up to you so guys. whoa. It looks so pretty. Oh, I love it. Look at those beautiful curls. Yes, ok, I’m gon na spray, this side ahh guys, look at that beautifulness! I can’t even handle it. It’s gorgeous! Oh my gosh. Ok, we got to finish the other side, Sara calm down. I get too excited. Ok, I’m just gon na take my very first section here, clamp it and then remember. We turn it toward our face and then pull it down. Slowly, nice, pretty curls, so beautiful. Ok, then just continue doing it for the rest of your hair. Here so if you curl part of the bottom section again with the top, it’s not really a big deal. I try to avoid it, but don’t sweat it ok. So I’m just going to check my hair for little stray pieces. That kind of may have slipped through that aren’t curled all right looks like we got everything ahh I just love playing with my hair when it’s curly, ok, I’m gon na spray.

How to get the perfect curl with your straightener

This side, like I, did the first one guys hello, look at these curls um. Yes, gorgeous beautiful, I love it so much. Ok so, as I promised we’re gon na go over your most frequently asked questions from my last video and some sort of problems that I’ve noticed. You guys mentioned along the way. Ok, so the first most common problem. I hear it’s just a generic. My hair won’t curl, ok! Well, let’s figure that out. First off, you want a straightener that has plates that go all the way to the edge of the straightener. I know some of them go in quite a ways and you’re not going to get that full curl, because it’s not curling the hair as its heating it. So I know Chi straighteners work super well for this.

How to curl your hair with a GHD straightener

I actually have an expensive GHD, straightening iron and the plates don’t go near the edge and it’s almost impossible to curl your hair with this straightening iron, which is such a bummer. Sō if you can’t get it to work with your straightening iron, maybe try a friend or family member’s to see if it works a little bit better. Next problem, it kind of goes with. The first problem is just: I can’t get this straightening motion down the twisting and pulling that’s fine. If you try and try – and you can’t get it – I’m gon na show you one other way to do these curls. Ok. So, let’s try a piece using a different sort of mindset than we were using before so instead of clamping it like this, we’re gon na clamp it up and down kind of more like a curling iron or curling wand. So this way is easier to understand. If you’re going toward your face or away from your face, so I’m just gon na clamp this here and then I’m just going to twist it the way I want it to go and pull it on through.

How to straighten hair that won’t hold curl

It gives us the same result. It’s just a different kind of way of looking at it. Ok, then, the last most common problem that I’ve heard from you guys is that your hair won’t hold a curl. So I have a solution for this, for you guys, so I would suggest using a hairspray before and after or a sort of gel or a mousse in your hair before you curl, make sure you’re using some sort of heat protection, because I don’t want you guys To fry your hair, please don’t do that? Ok, so you, ladies, whose hair won’t hold curl. I feel you. Let me show you one last trick to kind of help you out. Ok, so I just found another piece to recurl. You can either do this for every single time you curl it or just the top portion. Ok, so I’m just gon na curl. This piece like normal and I’ll, show you the trick at the end. Ok, so, while it’s still warm, I want you to take this curl and kind of twist it back up the direction that it’s curling. I wrapped it all the way up in the direction it was curling.

How to curl your hair with a straightening iron

I’M gon na take a bobby, pin and secure it to my scalp. Here looks so fancy and I’m gon na spray it. I’m going to spray it quite a bit. Actually, ok! So after I spray it and it’s all clipped up here, I’m just gon na wait for the spray to dry and my hair to cool and I’ll show you what it looks like. Ok, so my hair has cooled and the hairspray is dry. Let’s take this down, see how much curlier that piece is, and it’s very, very hair sprayed, so it will stay much longer, especially if you have really slick sort of hair that doesn’t hold a curl very well. I promise this will make your curl last longer. Ok, friends, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope that you learned how to curl your hair with a straightening iron. Bye,

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