Hair Dryer Professional Salon Rotating Hair Styling Tools Blowing Hot Air Hair Brush with 2 Combs 2 Speeds 3 Heat Settings for Curling Drying

Bring Salon to Your Home
700W hair dryer with built-in constant temperature system, provides suitable temperature for your hair, protect your hair from damage and shape your desired hairstyle.

How to use your brush
1. Do not use your brush on tangled or backcombed hair or on hair extensions.
2. After washing your hair ,dry it well in a towel and carefully untangle it
3. You can pre-dry your hair with the drying function(without the brush)while still keeping your hair damp.
4. Divide your hair into individual sections a few centimetres wide(see booklet+professional tips) and work on one section at a time.You can use clips to hold up the other sections of hair.
5. Fit the brush(large or small diameter,depending on the length of your hair and the desired effect) to the body of the appliance,pushing it until it clicks home.
6. Choose the speed of rotation.
7. Bring the brush against the section of hair:the section will automatically wind itself around the brush in a smooth,continuous movement.

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