Basic Concealer Makeup Tips

Concealer MakeupConcealer is one of those words that have been bantered about for years, yet the truth is that it’s pretty new. Concealer is a new type of make-up, a new innovation that some people are just crazy about. Yet, many people have no idea what concealing makeup is all about. Maybe because they’ve never tried it, or maybe they don’t know how to spot tell if it works or not. If you’re tired of not knowing what to look for in the latest beauty aisle at the drugstore, then this article will help you get the answer you’ve been looking for.

Concealer is a term thrown around in beauty circles every now and then, but the basics of concealing make-up is pretty simple. It’s the camouflage of imperfections in your skin, whether it’s under-eye darkness caused by allergies or dark circles under your eyes from crying too much, or excessive facial sweating. What is concealer exactly, then? It’s a thick, greaseless cosmetic that is applied with a sponge to create an exact cosmetic match to your natural skin tone. So, why are there so many different types of concealer on the market?

The best concealers are those that work. They are the ones that hide the blemishes on your skin without looking unnatural or overdone, but rather blending in to your natural skin tone. Even though there are so many different types of concealers on the market, they are designed to do one thing: hide imperfections. So which are the best concealers for you?

The most effective concealer, in terms of hiding blemishes, is Decyl. This formula contains vitamin E that creates a smooth coverage in just seconds. Other popular concealer formulas containing Shea butter and avocado oil to offer similar results. Other concealer formulas can also be used on oily skin, as they offer a lightweight option for those who don’t have oily skin and still get great coverage.

For those seeking something more lightweight but still have that perfect coverup, try Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. This product contains no oils, waxes or other additives and is completely scentless, meaning that it will not clog pores or cause irritation. Shape Tape is available in a cream, pencil form, which is great if you are afraid of being seen with a creamier formula. The shape tape itself is placed on the concealer in thin layers, creating an effect of a film that covers your blemish-free skin from behind, but still leaving the natural skin tone to show through. Pencil shape tape is a little bit more noticeable than the cream because it is smudged slightly when rubbed, but is still a very effective concealer.

Revlon ColorStay is a wonderful solution for individuals who want a concealer that will last throughout the day and stay in place all day long, without fading, cracking or other skin issues common to many over-the-counter concealers. This concealer is a high-performance formula that provides a smooth finish while providing protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. It contains Vitamins A and E to provide moisture and hydration, as well as antioxidants to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. The lightweight formula is easy to apply, even while running errands or watching the children play.

For many women, their favorite makeup item is their concealer. It is the finishing touch that makes them look complete. Unfortunately, for some women, they seem to apply their concealer unevenly – or they just can’t get it to look right. If you’re one of these women and have unevenly-applied concealer, here’s what you should do. First, remove your concealer by taking off your eye makeup with a cotton swab. Second, dab the concealer on your face in a gentle circular motion until it is completely blended in.

Concealer Tip: Draw your concealer in a diamond-shaped triangle using two shades of your favorite dark color. Layered concealer tip: Apply this concealer as if you were applying a liquid foundation. When you gently sweep your product over your face (right on top of your pores or dark spots) you are actually accentuating the area, not camouflaging it. When you carefully swept your product over your face (right on top of your pores or dark spots) you are actually accentuating the area, not camouflaging it.

Concealer Makeup Tip: Blending powder is another concealers favorite. This is because blotchy, off-white concealers tend to look too clean, almost as if they are wearing thin veneers. If you already have powder on, you can use a powder-over with a neutral-toned, slightly warm setting powder and a slightly darker, fresher-looking powder. If you don’t have powder, use a concealer shade that is the same tone as your everyday foundation.

Concealer Makeup Tip: For the perfect matte and wet-to-dry finish, a liquid concealer is a great option. A creamy concealer hides blemishes while a sheer powder goes on smoothly and looks natural. Blush can be used at the same time as a concealer; just make sure you’re applying blush to the right areas and not the wrong ones. Blush is a great finishing touch for a natural finish and concealer can be applied with an eye-shadow brush instead of a finger.

Concealer Tip: Using a browser with your concealer is a great way to maintain your natural complexion without being too obvious. If you already have bronzer or concealer that’s similar to your natural skin tone, you can use a browser along with your concealer. It works as a bronzer along with the concealer to give you a daytime glow without being too intense. A bronzer/concealer set up with a neutral shade of eye-shadow will help you wear your look all day long without having to worry about waking up with a reddened face. A setting powder works wonders with any type of color, and will even out your skin tone for a natural glow.

So there you have it. Your basic concealer Makeup tip is to match your concealer to your natural skin tone, then use a finishing powder to seal your look and hide any blemishes. Make sure to use your concealer with an eye-shadow brush, so you can control the depth and color. Finally, apply your browser and powder to create the best cover-up possible.