Automatic Curling Iron Review

Which Curling Iron Will Work Best For You?

This article is about a new automatic curling iron that I just bought. It is quite amazing and stylish, and I would be hard-pressed to say that it disappointed me. Even though I have long hair and use it often, I did not think to look at the different brands and models of irons before buying one. However, I am glad I did, because it has made curling easier and more enjoyable for me, and it is a big help to my hair!

automatic curling iron

I read many reviews about automatic hair curling irons before buying one, and the most interesting thing about them was the fact that everyone said that it worked great for them. So, naturally I thought to try it out myself. Well, let me tell you, it works great! There are tons of people who have said that the product worked great for them, and this is true, as well as the fact that it is very compact. If you have never tried automatic curling iron before, here are 4 of the best today:

1. Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron

Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron

Main features

Kiss Ceramic Instawave automatic hair curler is the best styling tool for those who just can’t style with conventional curling irons and wands.
Patented Curl Dial has ridges/prongs that serve as combs which smooth and detangle hair as it curls.
The ceramic ionic innovation promotes healthy and balanced, glossy salon style curls or waves with less frizz and damages with simply a touch of a button.
Your hands are never near the curling iron so there is no requirement for a heat immune glove. Ensure hair is clean, completely dry and brushed before utilizing this curling tool
Kiss automatic hair curler has 2 heat setups that can rise to 420 ° F. It additionally has a device shut off after 90 mins of use. Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron Comes with 2 year service warranty.

2. Charites Automatic Rotating Curling Iron

Charites Automatic Rotating Curling Iron Set

Charites Automatic Rotating Curling Iron Set

Main features

Automatic turning

Produces effortless curls by automatically turning and covering your hair around the barrel. It’s time to update your curling irons to conserve time

3-sized interchangeable ceramic barrels

The curling iron has 3 interchangeable barrels for all hair lengths and results: 0.75″ barrel for tight, ringlet-like curls; 1″ barrel for natural, timeless curls; 1.25″ barrel for bouncy, loosened waves. They are covered with ceramic glaze to supply also temperatures and remove damages

4 heat setups

Warms up in one minute with 4 heat settings (320 ℉ – 430 ℉), perfect for styling all hair types, no matter fine or rugged

Digital display

The digital display reveals real-time temperatures (Fahrenheit & Celsius); Seems an alarm system to let you know how much time has actually passed (8s/10s/12s).

Dual voltage and even more.

Features 100V – 240V dual voltage for worldwide use; 1-hour auto-off function for secure use; 5.9 ft swivel cord for tangle-free use; Clamp for holding hair; heat resistant handwear cover.

3. Fezax Cordless Auto Hair Curler, Automatic Curling Iron

Fezax Cordless Auto Hair Curler

Main features

One-Click Automatic Curling

No skill is called for, just put the right amount of hair into the curling tube, press the button and wait on a while to get attractive curls. The item has an automated reverse (left/right) turning feature and an anti-tangling layout, which is simple and practical, without multiple curling rollers. This is a brand-new kind of mobile automatic curling iron styling tool.

6 Temperature and 11 Timing Setup

The time (8s-18s) and temperature level (150 ° C-200 ° C/ 300 ° F-390 ° F) of the curling iron can be set openly according to various hair quality and designs, and it can be warmed quickly. Compared with typical curling irons, this product can produce waves, soft waves or even more apparent waves according to your requirements, therefore developing as well as taking pleasure in even more curly hairstyles.

Safe Ceramic Modern Technology

The ceramic hair roller embraces a distinct ceramic finishing to stop hair damages throughout the quick heating procedure of the curling iron. Professional ceramic technology can keep your hair smooth, glossy, and look much more appealing after curling. The ceramic curling chamber has heat insulation function, which can safeguard your skin from scalding throughout usage.

LCD Screen & USB Charging

The LCD electronic display can show: warmth, timer, curling direction as well as battery level. Integrated 5000mAh lithium battery, USB (Type C) 5V/2A cost wire included, 3-4 Hours complete charge time can last approximately 60 mins. With automated shut off feature, power saving and ensuring application safety.

Light-weight and Portable

Cordless auto hair curling iron (just 7.6 inches long and 2.1 inches wide), can be conveniently put into a backpack, the recommended styling device for trips as well as traveling. The deal with embraces a more comfortable ergonomic design, which is convenient for women close friends that like to use it anytime as well as anywhere.

4. Automatic Curling Iron by HYQ

HYQ Automatic Curling Iron

Automatic Curling Iron By HYQ

Main features

Automatic Curling Iron

Including the latest automated curling design, this novice-friendly hair curler assists create enduring and stylish curls quickly. All you require is one touch of it to achieve the bouncy dreamy outcomes that you wanted. Cordless hair curler frees you from searching for an outlet or fighting against the cable that regularly gets tangled in the means.

Advanced Magnetic Induction No Tugging

Intelligent induction electric motor immediately stops hair curling iron when positioning hair improperly in the slot, rolling via every hairs of your hair without snagging and yanking. Smart reminders for reaching target temp, ending up curling, and Auto-off after 10 minutes nonuse thoroughly guide you in operation.

Ingenious Healthy Styling & Anti-scalded

Nano silver and ceramic tourmaline covering sends out unfavorable ions and infrared to help lock-in moisture and minimize damage to hair with much less frizz and 4X extra protection. Say bye bye to your usual hair curling wand that has the propensity to burn hand and hair with double insulation layout.

Customized Temp Settings & Timer For All Hair Kind

Developed for longevity and long lasting results, HYQ turning curling iron offer beauty parlor high heat 300 ℉ -390 ℉ and 8-18s time setting to please your different hair styling need easily, such as soft waves, classy curls, enchanting curls and timeless curls. It is also appropriate for all hair types: tough hair, crude hair, soft hair and fine hair.

60s Fast Heating with 60min Hair Styling

With sophisticated MCH ceramic heating system, HYQ hair curling irons takes just 60s to preheat up, getting you curls in a breeze. 5000mAh battery offers as much as 40-60mins use time while just taking 4h for complete charging.

Here are some reviews from people who have tried automatic curling irons for themselves:

“I really love the design of the gadget. It’s a really nice weight. It does what its supposed to do which is make your hair look great. I actually like that the hair comes out in different directions as I curl it up. I also really like the fact that the gadget is not when you hold it in your hands. It doesn’t move around and doesn’t feel heavy at all.”

Another woman wrote: “I’m a curling-wearing woman and I love this automatic curling iron. Its so easy to use. No matter how hard I curl my mane, the hair around my face stays nice and natural looking. Even when its raining or windy outside its usually not too hot or cold. It’s just right for when I’m in a hurry.” Clearly, she liked the idea of having her hair around her face without it looking artificial looking.

A lady wrote: “I absolutely love this curling iron. It makes my mane so shiny and beautiful. I use it every single day and I only use half as much as my other automatic ones. I think my mane would benefit from a little help with the shine.”

A girl writes one reviewer: “I really like this curling iron. It heats up fast and it’s so much easier to use than my previous one. The design and heat settings are great and it only uses half of the amount of heat it previously did.” She is no stranger to using the big curling irons and she says she really liked that it cooks fast. She also likes that there are only four heat settings so that she can choose what temperature suits her best.

One woman writes: “I recently purchased this curling iron and I love it! I use it almost every day. It heats up quickly and evenly and I have noticed that sometimes I need a touch more heat than normal but that’s about it. It lasts for years and it’s always ready to go.”

A woman writes: “I use a curling iron every day, and I definitely prefer this brand to all the others. I also like that it lasts a long time. Last year my favorite wasn’t nearly as long lasting as this one! This curler heats up fast and evenly and I love how easy it is to use. Last week, my hair was looking so good, I was dying to curl.”

Another woman writes: “I have two curling irons – a vintage and an automatic hair curling iron. Both work great and they really do make my hair around my face and back look great. The only thing I would change is the vintage one – I would get one with a ceramic plate instead of glass. That would be for style reasons only though.”

A man who works in an office shared: “I have a curling iron that has a three-step heat setting. My hair is mostly done by Monday morning and I rarely need to use it past that time. It heats up fast and evenly and I hardly ever need to touch it down after that.”

Based on the feedback given by the women and men who have used these products, there are many positive aspects to them. Overall, the majority of the reviews are positive. One reviewer shared that her curling iron makes her hair look “good all the time”, another woman says it makes her short hair “super fast” and yet another says her short hair looks “just right”, she does not say how long it takes to get her to that point. Based on the answers to their questions, these types of products seem to do what they say they will – curl your hair.