5 Things to Give Up NOW For Younger Looking Skin | Beauty & Skincare Tips

Younger looking skin

In this article I’m gonna be talking about the top five things you should be giving up if you want radiant and younger looking skin.

Number five. Give up on picking your pimples.

People this is so damaging to your skin it can lead to permanent scarring and discoloration So please stop doing it It’s just not good Try using a salicylic acid and maybe be a little patient if you can. There are plenty videos on Youtube on salicylic acid and if you want see one just pop over to Youtube.


Number four. Give up on makeup when you go to the gym.

If you go to the Gym with makeup, the makeup can get in with the sweat and clogs your pores. I know it’s hard sometimes because I know for me I go right from work straight to the gym. However, what I do do is I bring makeup remover. The little towelettes so that’s helpful but just try not to do it because it really can cause breakouts and if you’re prone to acne then it’s really bad for your skin.

Number three. Give up talking on your cell phone

Stop talking on your cell phone without either using your earbuds or wiping it down or you can even put it on speakerphone. If you’re putting the phone against your skin it’s so bad because there’s so many bacteria on your phone, so many germs it’s kind of gross. So either carry like the little towelettes or there’s like a spray that you can use which is always helpful but if you’re prone to breaking out definitely don’t be putting it up against your skin because it’s really really bad for your skin.


Number two. Give up smoking.

I know you’ve heard this before from me probably from a million different people but smoking is so terribly bad for your skin and for your health in general. So if you haven’t stopped yet please do and I know it’s never too late but you shouldn’t even be starting in the first place. Many of the chemicals found in tobacco have been shown to damage the collagen and elastin in your skin and these things are what gives your skin its strength and elasticity okay.

Number one thing to give up is the Sun.

I know it’s like skincare 101. Give up the Sun. Do not be a Sun worshipper like I used to be when I was a young girl but I did stop tanning about the age of 17 and I know for a fact that that is definitely part of the reason why I am pretty much wrinkle free. I’m not completely wrinkle free I mean that comes with age but yeah the Sun if I would have laid out the way I was laying out oh my gosh I would have so many more wrinkles right now it’s not even funny. That said, if you’re like me and you like to have a little color and you feel a little bit better about yourself when you have a little color then use self tanners. I love self tanners, I love a good spray tan. if you’re interested I would be happy to do a separate article on like my top spray tans that I use and self tanners so let me know and I’d be happy to do that alright.

And that concludes my article on the top five things you should be giving up to have younger beautiful glowing skin. If you found it helpful which, I hope that you did give it a thumbs up comment down below. I would love to hear from you and share it with your friends okay.

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