Kadori Professional Blow Dryer Salon Hair Dryer G.U.Y 2300 Flyweight,Ceramic,Ionic

The new Kadori GUY 2300 hairdryer for speedy ultimate root-lifting volume & super smooth shine. With breakthrough innovation in technology, Kadori GUY offers a truly new drying and styling experience that delivers the ultimate in volume and a smooth, shiny finish. This professional Flyweight motor preforms significantly faster than other hairdryers, while the body itself is shaped to give you a faster blow-dry. Its lightweight conveniently alleviates wrist strain for effortless drying. The G.U.Y technology doesn’t just dry your hair, it Goes Under Your cuticles with its advanced ionic technology it maintains a high consistent and even distribution of heat in order to expand the hairs cuticle and then allows the infra-red rays & ions to penetrate the hair for fast, frizz free drying. Locking in moisture for softer, shinier results that last longer.

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