Adsled 110v 7 in 1 Hot Professional Style Free Multi-function Electric Comb Air Styler Hair Salon Dryer Brush Hairdryer

The name of the accessories and the function 1. The whole combs: blow hair comb at the same time, good comb 2. Hot air perm folder: clips hair ironing out the screw, the effect of metal head marcel faster is better than plastic 3. By using modelling comb: start from hair, comb inward bending, repeat back and forth, until the comb out the ideal crimp degree 4. The density of tooth top combs: double blow hair straight comb your hair at the same time, make the hair don’t mess up 5. Set the wind: concentrated wind easily fast then blow dry hair 6. Curly hair comb: blow hair straightening your hair at the same time, the volume within the hair end blow out or become warped modelling 7. Telescopic tooth comb curly hair: twisting down button, comb the hair handful of curl Speed gear: second gear The style of the wind, the wind set + function of the wind cold hot wind Rated voltage: 110 (V) Rated frequency: (50 HZ) Rated power: 700 (W) With Wire and US plug.

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